Forest spirit // Victoria BC Fine Art Portrait Photographer

Every season has it charm. When we slow down and soak our senses to embrace it, we discover the beauty and spirit enveloping ourselves. This is a shoot I did in early fall with my inspiring friend Amy. She has gorgeous green eyes and kindred spirit in the sense that she is so curious about everything and everyone. We went on a hike in the woods with waterfall after the rain. She will stop just to kiss the raindrop.

” It’s tasty and sweet ” she says.

I believe in spirit in trees, river, waterfalls and everything in between. They help us watch the dust off our souls.

Amy goldstream-11Amy goldstream-3

Amy goldstream-14 Amy goldstream-7 Amy goldstream-8 Amy goldstream-9  Amy goldstream-12   Amy goldstream-13Amy goldstream-15 Amy goldstream-17 Amy goldstream-10

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