Dance ! Dance ! //Victoria, BC Event Photographer

We don’t dance because we can , nor because we crave it, we dance to tell our soul , we dance to live , we dance to become ourselves , we dance because we must. We must dance because we are dancers at the heart!

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been pretty obsessed over dancing. The freedom and elegance our body possesses is so inspiring. Guess it’s a shame I didn’t turn into a professional dancer but photographing dancer is second to best! I was so lucky to photograph the Chinese Dance Spectacular 2013 in Victoria, British Columbia. May Chinese Classical Dance live ! May our endangered cultures and arts not disappearing from the planet ever!

Here I present you the stunning show on our beautiful island by my friend Ocean, who is so kind to donate all the proceeds to BC Children’s Hospital !

photographed by Lin Chen Photography  – Victoria BC Wedding photographer

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