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Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with the blogging…. There are still so many photos I’m proud of from the short trip in India that I’m slowly processing. Yeah turtle speed, I know…This one was taken by Pondicherry beach at sunset. My favorite time of the day!  I stood there for a good 1/2 hour to see them cross and climb and finally sit down. It was some magic moment. For a second it almost felt romantic. Orange sky, sunbeams. When you see two guys holding hands in India, it’s no hint of homosexuality. That’s just brotherhood. How cute.  We girls used to hold hands on the street in Shanghai when I grew up. My mom loved to hold my hands every year I went home to visit. Maybe our Asian culture is just more intimate and fearless as far as close relationship goes. There are things I forgot after living breathing western air for over 10 years but they are all so precious. Maybe this is not a scene you much care about. But stories from afar always intrigue me. Picturing myself peering deeply into their minds, I hide behind my lens and imagine.

Indian story Victoria Bc photographer

photographed by Lin Chen Photography  – Victoria BC Wedding photographer

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