Trees, my medicine // Victoria BC Fine Art Wedding Photographer

” Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky… “

I believe trees have spirits~ They whisper to us , shelter us, and sometimes playfully move through us…When we are blue, trees keep us company like no other. In the darkest moments, I would wander in the woods, seeking for serenity and peace. Your stillness speaks to me. Yes you have stood on this earth for so long, have seen the clouds leaving behind little traces of summer ~ I count your leaves and touch you.  My delicate heart was just broken, and you whisper in my ears – all will  pass, let it be fear, hurt or just bloody pain  ~Be patient,  all will pass.

Good night all ~ Sweet dreams of trees tonight

Photographed in Mount Doug Park Victoria , British columbia

Dream // Lin Chen PhotographyDream // Lin Chen Photography Dream// Lin Chen Photography

log // Lin Chen Photography

photographed by Lin Chen Photography  – Victoria BC Wedding photographer

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