Rainy day, by the singing sea // Victoria BC Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Does the rain ever make you frown? … don’t be. It sings, the rain drops sings on the surface of the sea if you listen. So just go, bring your brightest, happiest umbrella and just go.

Lucky me, living on a island, breath the ocean air. On a rainy day, I love to take my pink umbrella with me, jumping through the rocks by the beach, listen, watch the waves and paint with my camera. Lucky me

Here to share with you what the simple sweet rainy moments have brought me… It’s a gift. Don’t be afraid anymore of the rainy days~because It simply is beautiful.

Photpgraphed in Arbutus Cove , victoria British Columbia.

063 080 104 130 134 137 142And this is me ~~ with my pink umbrella:)

photographed by Lin Chen Photography  – Victoria BC Fine Art Wedding photographer

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