Masala Chai or Coffee ? // Victoria BC Fine Art Wedding Photographer

One thing I grew to love and can’t stop loving after 10 days in India is the legendary Masala Chai. The street corner chai has been a absolute must with the rising sun, almost first thing if you are lucky enough.The sweetness and creaminess is god sent. If one day I pack my bag across the pacific to live in India, chai would be one of the reason. No doubt about it.

India2 004 So as legend has it, over 9000 years ago, masala chai was invented by a very ingenious King in an Indian court as a herbal tonic. Created as a cleansing, vivifying Ayurvedic beverage.It was said to able to cure minor aliments.

This s a my favorite chai man in Mammallapuram for its spice aroma and heavenly refreshing taste. His chai just like the other comes with two sizes : the small & the big. The small is adorably small ( i.e.2 shot of espresso) and the big I say is “extra small” Timmy size. So not the American super size lol.

India2 002

India2 003

surprisingly there is occasional coffee stand too. This one below is the only one I encounter in Pondicherry. Owner was showing off in front of my camera. Lucky me !

india 042

You can also get coffee beans from the market

india 259

love the mustache of the Coffee stall owner in Pondicherry market~ what a rare find

india 265photographed by Lin Chen Photography  РVictoria BC photographer

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