Indian Ocean // Victoria BC Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Ralph Waldo Emerson“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.”

How does Ocean makes you feel ? Does it take your pain away. Does it make you feel small. Does it set you free!?It’s tremendous power embraces you, dilute your overactive mindless thinking~ endless waves, tides , white glimpse of happiness.

“The Indian Ocean has a different smell” Jen says. I tried to smell it. It certainly is not like the cold, salty Pacific. Indian ocean has a gentle, mild feel to it. It’s more like a mother.

We swam the wild sea under gleaming moonlight. There is darkness and darkness surrounding. Then we jumped in and escaped, surfaced and dived in. It was fear. Fear of the unknown, but nothing seem to matter.

I love the sea.

I love the Indian ocean.

India2 013

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