A humble ophanage in southern India – a story of loss and love // Victoria BC Fine Art Wedding Photographer

“Love heals people– both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.” -Karl Menninger

It was in the Lonely Planet guide book, we discovered couple of orphanages near by the seaside village – Mamallapuram in South India. Growing up as the only child in a happy family in Metropolitan Shanghai, I have been blessed with love and attention as a kid. The idea of visiting a local orphanage surfaced and we hired a auto rickshaw to get the glimpse of the reality…

victoria bc photographer

victoria bc photographer

The street of India still shocked me in the way that I’ve never imaged. Women, elderly, disabled and children living, eating and sleeping on the street with cows, goats in the midst of slums. Would it be a bliss for the unwanted children to have a roof and be cared for?

This is a home of 25 children, non-profit , survived on donation alone. They are so excited to see visitors. Happiness shines out of their little faces like sunbeams.

India2 083 India2 080 India2 079 India2 077 India2 092 They danced on and on for just us two total strangers and it was such a beautiful time spent with them. We were showered with so much joy and laughter. It was as if we were there to receive love.

Glaxon is the director and father of the facility. He told us the story behind the the idea of starting a Children’s Home.    His father abandoned them when he was only 5 years old along with 2 of his younger brothers. He felt such a hole punched in his heart..

When I grew up I had absolute sympathy and affection towards the children specially those who are neglected by the parents and the society. I showed love and care towards them by providing the basic needs which they need in day to days life and giving my time to share their sorrows and misery. When I was a young man I saw many parents suffering to provide food, cloths and education to the children. Some of the parents shared their pathetic condition of life to me. My heart was moved when listening to their sorrowful stories. Seeing these situations I made up my mind to start a children home under the kind guidance of God.



Sometimes unfortunate things happened to us. Some turned it around to create beautiful experience for others instead.

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