Ahua – Shanghai Wedding (2) // Victoria BC Fine Art Wedding Photographer


Ahua’s mom putting on red wedding shoes for her. She is now on her own to start a brand new life.

The tale of the Shanghai wedding continues….

2 and 1/2 Months prior to chinese wedding

1. Chinese Wedding Invitation Preparation

Some are cutesy like the one on the right with the traditional feel to it. Most wedding invitation has a red background considering red is the color or happiness and luck in our culture.  If you are not satisfied with the wedding invitation cards provided in the wedding banquet package or there is none, you will need to source for the cards yourself. My cousin like most of my friends who are newly wed shopped at local wedding supply market. The market in Shanghai is particularly huge! You can easily spend a whole day there and get overwhelmed the end of day~ The key is to shop there in heels if you wanna lose weight before your wedding day lol just kidding~~

1 month prior to chinese wedding

1. Betrothal
Groom and friend or a matchmaker, if one was required by the bride’s parents, will deliver the betrothal gifts on the auspicious date chosen.

2. Distribution of Chinese wedding invitation

After the betrothal, the Chinese wedding invitations are distributed. Most couple will invite friends, families, and co-workers. There is sometimes a hidden fear to be invited for a wedding of acquaintances because you will be expected to bring a red pocket with money inside for the couples… haha.

1 to 2 weeks prior to the chinese wedding

1. Brief helpers for the various wedding events.

For semi-DIY weddings. Families are helping big time. Remember the movie Big Fat Greek Wedding? Chinese wedding is pretty much the same. I’ve DJed, wrapped 300 guest presents at various cousin’s weddings. Out sourcing right. The chocolates for Ahua’s wedding was brought home from my aunt in States. She has her own business so can shop in Costco tax free!  Anyways, we do whatever to help out to cut the cost down 🙂

2. Confirm attendance at the various wedding events.

3. Confirm booking details with:
– hotel or restaurant for wedding banquet
– bridal studio
– church ( not very common but getting increasingly popular among hipsters who are not even religious …..lol)
– caterers

That’s it for today ~~~I know It is text heavy. Keep tuned and I promise will finish it up soon!

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