Ahua – Shanghai Wedding (1) // Victoria BC Fine Art Wedding Photographer

ahuatianPeople sometimes ask me what a Chinese wedding is like? Do they wear traditional red dresses ? Do they see each other on the wedding day before the wedding? Let me tell you from my 2012 experiences 🙂 Yes this year I went to 7 weddings, 6 of them took place back home in Shanghai, China and 3 of them I was lucky enough to be a brides maid. I guess this is what happens when you are a single girl of 25-30 in China lol.

Back to the topic here. The girl in the photo is my cousin Ahua, 28. The sweetest cousin existing in the whole wide world! Her wedding day was pretty much a typical modern Chinese wedding.

The timeline for the Chinese wedding begins with…

1. Announcement
There’s always someone to tell! Who shall hear it first? Your best friends or your Mom?

2. Selection of auspicious dates
The elderly people in the family will help the couple pick a date from the lunar calender.

3. Book the wedding banquet

They book up pretty fast in China ! You may need to book up to a year in advance if the dinner venue is popular or the date is a pretty popular.

4. Book the bridal studio wedding package
This is something different from here. It’s very popular for couples to have professional bridal and
couple photos taken prior to the wedding. There will be multiple wedding dresses and indoors sets provided by the studio with make up services. The same studio will also do the whole day wedding shots as well.

The bridal studios also covers from wedding gowns to wedding car rental.

to be continued ….

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