Family of J & O // VVictoria BC Fine Art Wedding Photographer


This is a story of a happy family. Now it’s turning from 2 to 3 with the birth of a little girl. Jessica says they wanted a worldly name, a name every one of their friends can say in their native language! What a brilliant idea~ So here comes Maya , in Chinese it’s written as  玛雅….


We were chatting in the living room, little Maya raised her arm and stick her tiny finger into her ear….and then fell asleep… “leave me along … “imaging that’s what she is saying in her dream lol

Image Little finger, little hand. Maya is only 1 months old. What a tiny little thing.

Maya in all lauagesThe last picture was taken by Jessica. Maya in different languages ! Let’s wish little Maya grew up to be a worldly girl and have a lot of adventures in her beautiful life.

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