Hello world!

Hello world ! I finally did it in this rainy fall afternoon~~started my own photography blog~ This is my “baby”:D above and beyond my regular Clinical Research desk job. I know I know it’s your dream to do what you love. Why not start today working towards it!

Frank Papasso once said “Having a dream you don’t pursue is like buying an ice-cream cone and watching melt all over your hand.”  So let’s eat it before it’s melted and gone !

So WELCOME for a visit! So glad that you are stopping by. Vintage cameras are great ! I personally owe a couple. The texture of the film makes you feel like that special moment is seized in space. It’s real and tangible. What I’m trying to do here is lock up your sweet, memorable and beautiful moments into a dream box and give it a vintage retouch. So imagine with me and preserve through time!

This is a photo of the Arbutus tree, it peels off in fall~ The weather gets cooler , the color gets warmer ! Happy Fall!!

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